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Every Student Should Have the Chance to Shine!

Let’s Work Together to Support Our Children & Educators & Create a Stronger Community.




Each pupil in Paulding County will receive the resources & support they need to succeed.


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our story

Get acquainted with Selena Jackson-Guines and find out how committed she is to Paulding County.


Find out what others are saying about Selena Jackson-Guines.

My Mission

My Mission

For Our Children

Our students need safe campuses and programs that will increase academic achievement, retention, and graduation rates.


For Our Educators

It is important that we provide the people who are responsible for safely educating and challenging our children  what they need to be successful.

For Our Families

A strong family community is a great foundation that supports educational goals and helps students to reach their academic and social potential.  Providing opportunities for family engagement with the Paulding County Community greatly benefits our students.


For Our Schools

Our school campuses should be a place of joy, wonder, and discovery. Let’s work together to create spaces that encourage exploration, scientific knowledge, vocational skill development and athletic engagement. 




Find out where you should be on November 3rd to make sure that your vote is counted in choosing the best candidate for the Paulding County School Board at Large.

Find out where you should be on November 3rd to make sure that your vote is counted in choosing the best candidate for the Paulding County School Board at Large.

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About Selena Jackson-Guines

Many of us believe that every student has untapped potential that is waiting to be pulled out, cultivated, and nurtured. I am passionate about giving each pupil in Paulding County the resources they need to see themselves the same way that we do.

Access to Safe Learning Environments
Enhanced Student Performance
Family Centered Comunity Engagement

What Our Supporters Say

"Selena Jackson is a fearless leader with a tenacious spirit who cares deeply and is committed to the betterment of her community."
Raiko Jones
Director of Paulding County Boys and Girls Club
"Selena Jackson-Guines is a true leader in her community. Her passion to excel the youth into their full potential is exemplary, as I see her actions in executing innovative ideas in Georgia’s school systems, the Boys & Girls Club, and local community programs. She will be a true asset to Paulding’s school board and students."
Taurus Madric-Morris
Owner of Douglasville Boxing Club
Mrs. Guines-Jackson is determined to make certain that every child is given needed attention to succeed academically. She has a resume that boasts her strengths in every aspect of business and education. She has always had excellent ideas for Paulding County School board to implement into the school's Improvement; Diversity and Inclusion; Continuous Improvement Work Plans and the assurance of its effectiveness; Accountability and Transparency of Funding and it's allocation, how financial decisions align with school improvement priorities; and, Mentorship Programs for Employee Growth, Development and Retention.
Yvette Cherestal
MPA/Ed.S. Chair, Public Relations & Events Committee (GAHCCI)

Elect Selena Jackson-Guines for Paulding County School Board at Large and Let’s Give Every Student A Chance to Shine!

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