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The only way I sleep at night is by knowing that I’m helping others. I am passionate about helping great people do great things.

I believe that our Paulding County student body is full of great young people who are ready to do great things!


Cultivate and nuture the potential of Paulding County’s Community

Our Children

  • Safe Learning Environments
  • Enhanced Student Performance
  • Increased Curriculm Opportunities
  • Greater Student Outcomes
  • Abundant Career Readiness Opportunities

Our Educators

  • Safe Campus Environments
  • Improved Training Methods
  • Access to The Tools Needed for
    Optimum Results
  • Acknowledgement of
    Achievements and Efforts

Our Families

  • Provide Activiries That Promote Healthy
    Living and Strong Relationships
  • Foster Community Engagement
  • Encourage Open Communication

Our Schools

  • Improve Learning Conditions
  • Upgrade Technology
  • Increase Student and Techer Access to Technology
  • Develop & Implement Maker Spaces and
    Tools for Student Engagement

What Community Leaders and Partners Say About Selena

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About Selena Jackson-Guines

Selena Jackson-Guines’ passion for children led to spending 30+ hours a week volunteering to help foster the children of Paulding County as a leader, mentor, coach, transporter, and friend.

She serves on the Paulding County Superintendent Advisory Board , and Chairman of the Boys and Girls Club of Paulding County, where she continuous engagement to maintain a safe, healthy environment for the children, advance building the board for ongoing outreach, encourage community participation, and use email and media to keep the community engaged.

She founded and offered scholarships to students in STEAM programs. As a board member for the Local School Council, we supported the STEAM Club (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) and Coding Club. She also pushed to enroll five other schools to apply state certified standards throughout Paulding County for the diversity and inclusion of minorities and girls.

Selena Jackson-Guines provides passionate leadership on the Advisory Board for CTAE (Career Technical & Agricultural Education) program, students are partnered with Fortune 100 companies to advance their careers, a bold step to educate a Georgia workforce with or without a college degree.

She created Healing Je’ Ryan, a 501 (c)(3) as Chair for children who have experienced sexual trauma by assault or molestation, who would be in need of emotional support groups, partnered with child welfare services, with field trips integrating anxiety disorder therapy.


Students asked, we answered!

Many students wanted to do more outside of the classrom activiteies

First STEAM Club

At Sammy McClure
Middle School

Coding Branch

Added another branch
to the STEAM Club

Step Team

Coached the Paulding County
Boy's and Girl's Club snd the
North Paulding Step Team

Mentorship Program

Allows older North Paulding
students to help younger students
and gain volunteer experience

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